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Jörg Dickhaus, alternative practitioner, FDM IC Therapist in Paderborn, Germany

Pain therapy without resorting to medication or the syringe

Before we start: the word fascial has nothing to do with facial. Behind it lies a revolutionary approach to the body’s connective tissue – the fascia. Find out more about a very special alternative to conventional treatments.

In my practice in Paderborn, Germany I treat patients who are in pain of various kinds - whether it be chronic pain, back pain, headaches - or who suffer from other bodily impairments (see medical indications).

You may experience asthma, neurodermatitis, allergies or psoriasis. I can help you without resorting to medication.

Do you want to live happy and pain-free as soon as possible?

Without resorting to pills or injections, a combination of my manual treatments and with your active participation you will be on your path to recovery. If desired, I am happy to recommend personalised preventative exercises and training plans.

My therapeutic work is founded on the Fascial Distortion Model and the Gesret Model. For the purposes of self-help, I can offer my patients the following courses: Fascial Fitness Training and the Fascial Walk. You can find further information on these subjects on this website.

Please note:

My practice will be closed 22.07.202416.08.2024. I will be available for consultations again on Monday, 19.08.2024.