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Lack of physical activity is one of the primary causes for common illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes among others. Most people are aware of this but desperately lack the time or direction to do anything about it. The demands of work and family life impede bettering one's own physical well being. This situation, paired with stress, puts a strain on the psyche.

Many people recognise the problems associated with physical inactivity and ask themselves “Is there anything I can do for my health without having to invest a huge amount of time and effort? Without, for example, having to regularly attend a fitness club?”.

A lot of health for little effort

Yes, there is!

Fascial Walk is an innovative walking idea which can be included in your daily routine without putting undue additional demands on your schedule.

Advantages of Fascial Walk

  • No additional time needed
  • Can be practised anywhere without apparatus
  • No sportswear required
  • Easy to learn
  • Improves posture
  • Positive influence on mood due to improved body awareness

Conscious use of the “walking” movement in everyday life is one of the most effective ways to promote personal health. Not only physical aspects but also the soul benefits from “walking”. Fascia, whose importance for the effective functioning of the whole body has only been discovered in recent years, play a decisive role in this.

Latest research has shown that the incorporation of walking into one’s daily routine can reduce the risk of succumbing to diseases of our modern lifestyle by 30-40%. Walking has therefore become a very effective way to promote health. Provided you walk consciously and correctly.