Fascia cover every muscle, every organ but also every ligament structure. Fascia act as a network throughout our bodies. Fascia are very important for muscle performance, coordination and proprioception (balance). They are the organ which connects everything, structures the body and holds everything together.

There is a considerable influence on the suppleness and accuracy of movement. The fascial network is a prerequisite for the generation of strength and speed and transferring these to specific parts of the body.

Generally-lamented old-age stiffness and its associated loss of flexibility are largely the result of tangled fascia.

Specific fascial training can prevent this and significantly protects the body from injury.

Muscles and fascia cannot be trained in isolation. Even slight changes to common exercises can make a big difference to the fascia.

Regular fascial training can result in:

  • Prevention of injury
  • Improved performance


In the course of treatment using the FDM you will receive, if required, a fascial fitness exercise plan. This plan is aimed at adjusting parts of the body so to be able to cope with daily pressures and that no further excessive strain or damage to the fascia may occur.


If you simply wish to prevent age-related stiffness I, or rather we, can put together an individual fascial fitness training programme – based on your personal needs.


You may wish to compliment your sports activities with fascial exercises. A fascial training program can be developed for you to aid your workout.