The Gesret Method is a very effective manual treatment for asthma and other diseases of the immune system such as allergies, neurodermatitis and psoriasis. This method is aimed at the restoration of mobility to inflamed joints. Mainly the ribcage is treated. At the same time posture is worked on.

The method bears the name of the man who developed it; Jacques Gesret.

Experiencing the death of his son Frank caused by an asthma attack, Gesret devoted all his energy to exploring the causes of asthma.

Jacques Gesret was not convinced by the explanations given by conventional medicine that asthma was caused by a chronic inflammation of the lung. He discovered that axonal (nerve) fibres “irritated” by inflamed joints can cause disorders like asthma, allergies, neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Using this gentle manual therapy, symptoms can may disappear after just four or five sessions. Children may benefit immediately from their restored vital capacity; depending on age and any pre-existing conditions, in adults it may take longer to ease symptoms completely.

Nevertheless, more difficult cases may see an improvement in quality of life.

My practice is equipped with a computerised spirometer. At the end of the treatment you will be given a print-out to give to your GP.